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We Understand Your Business

Our team serves many different types of insurance businesses.  Whether you are a sole-practitioner, or if you have many partners and locations, our packages can keep the books accurate and the tax burden as low as possible.

Insurance Accounting Can Get Complicated

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but insurance accounting is not the easiest of endeavors.  Our professional accountants will use care and experience to ensure your books are accurate and that you are taking advantage of all deductions.

We Monitor Your Business For You

You did not open your business and spend all that money just to be bogged down in financial work on the weekends.  Our service packages include everything you need to ensure accurate financial statements and accounts. 

We Wrote The Book On Insurance Accounting...Literally.

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Discover the secrets known by accountants that can help any insurance agents run a successful, profit-making, legal business.  

Competition is certainly one of the biggest challenges for the insurance industry.  You may be feeling that lately if you are seeing profit margins shrink as trying to sign up policy holders can often come at the expense of premium costs.

Insurers also face tough challenges when balancing risk management and regulatory complexity.  It’s never been more important for insurers to meet these challenges head on with financial security and integrity.

This short read is packed full of useful tips that will tell
you how to:

-  Cut costs that could be reducing your profits
-  How to save more of your valuable time
-  Keep bad debts under control.
-  Find opportunities in your business for improvement

And as a special thank you for downloading our free CPA Secrets Guide, we’ve included our tips for adding revenue to your insurance practice.

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All Inclusive Accounting Packages to Fit Your Budget. 
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Sole Proprietor

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  • Files on Form 1040
    No Corporate Return
    Single owner LLC's
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  • Files on Form 1120S
    Corporation Required
    2553 Election
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  • Files on Form 1065
    Multi-member LLC's
Must have 2+ Owners
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(Gross Revenue)
$0 – $100K
$100K – $200K
$200K – $325K
$325K – $450K
$450K – $600K
$600K – $800K
$800K – $1 Million

* All packages include a 1-time Onboard Fee of $325.00

** If running loss: Annual Expense will replace Annual Revenue

*** NO HANDWRITTEN CHECKS | $3/check fee for each business check that is handwritten


Corporation Setup
Ragain Financial will prepare your corporation documents including articles of incorporation, EIN, Form 2553, and registrations with federal and state tax authorities.

$450 + state fees

Ragain Financial will prepare invoices and send to your customers plus manage the payments. We use an online system that you can access too.

$285 /mo

accounts payable
Ragain Financial will process payments to each vendor and manage accounts payable. We use an online system that you can access and use as well

$250 /mo

employee payroll
If you need payroll for your employees we can manage the entire payroll process for you. We use an online system you and your employees can access.

$100 /mo + $6 per employee

Rental Prop Books
Ragain Financial will prepare the financial statements for your rental property income and expense.  These financials will be used in preparation of your rental property tax return.

$499/yr each prop.

Rental Prop Tax
Each rental property must file a tax return.  Usually this is on the Schedule E or Schedule C of the Form 1040.  Ragain Financial will prepare those returns for you.

$149 each prop.

Additional State or City
Every package comes with one (1) state tax return for both your business and personal tax return.  If you require additional states or any city returns, Ragain Financial will prepare them.

$149 and up